Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Creature Features Part Two

This are my last couple of days of Daily Creature Feature. Its been hard to stay on top of it, but the more I do it the faster and better they are. I think it is obvious which ones I like the most. I'm more than halfway done and it feels great. I'd say ten people joined, and now its pretty much just me left. Even Mike dropped out.  I hope you enjoy!

(and scanning then make a big difference. no more phone photos)

Day Eight - Fawn

Day Nine - Frog

Day Ten - Caterpillar

Day Eleven - Flamingo 

Day Twelve - Skink

Day Thirteen - Skunk

Day Fourteen - Lionfish

Day Fifteen - Toucan 

Day Sixteen - Cardinal 

Day Seventeen - Magpie

Saturday, June 9, 2012

yarn bombing

Happy International Yarn Bombing Day!!! This is my very first time yarn bombing. I've always wanted to, but was always scared. It being a holiday and all, I sucked it up and did it. In the middle of the day. It wasnt that bad. My heart was racing a point or two. I'm not the best knitter/crocheter, but I did my best. I hope lots of other people did some yarn bombing too!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Daily Creature Features

If you dont follow me on Instagram (ConsiderMyDear) or on facebook you havent seen any of my Daily Creature Features. And that's awesome! Every day for the month of June my boyfriend and I pull an animal name out of a jar and paint it. Many of my friends and art school chums are joining in. Its a lot of fun. Here are first 7.  I cant wait to show more.

 DAY One - Sea Horse

Day Two - Suffolk Sheep

Day Three- Robin

 Day Four - Fennec Fox

Day Five - Koala 

Day Six - Dragonfly

Day Seven - Dinosaur
(This one is the best quality because I actually scanned it.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wall Art

This is my bedroom. I live in the basement at my parents house. (cool kid right here) This is the wall right above my bed. It's my art wall and is coming along quite nicely. I wanted to go over all my pieces and where they came from.

1. This is an old paint by numbers I got from Deb at Amongst The Knick-knacks. Go look at her blog, she's pretty and the nicest lady ever.

2. I hand embroidered this hoop a few years ago. I need to start up again.

3. My brother and his girlfriend gave me this sewing cat. It's creepy and awesome.

4.  I got this print from a great Etsy shop called Skitter Cats. There are hundreds!

5. A paint by numbers I've painted myself when I was really little. I started it and then my dad finished it. I never finished anything when I was little. I love how sad the kitty is. And she looks like a baby Nala. Nala has a crabby face too.

6. I just bought this at Good Will. I dont know if I liked the painting or the frame more. I'll leave it up until I decide.

7. My adorable owl from The Nearsighted Owl.

8. This was also from Deb. Its yarn art, with a lovely texture.

9. This may be my most favorite, its a knitted swatch from Kim at Art Equals Happy. I got it for Christmas this year.

10. Finally, my brothers girlfriend, Erica got this for me. Everyone loves mushies.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thrift Time

Today we went out to go grocery shopping and ended up going thrifting, visit the kitties at petsmart, and bought zombie boogie boards at five below. And we didnt even go grocery shopping, because the store was too crowded. We dont like the crowds. These are the things I bought.

 You can never go wrong with Stand By Me

 I dont know what to do with this tie, but I just loved the pattern. I want to make something for my hair. Any ideas would be awesome!

 Got this record on a whim, and I'm so glad I did. Its such a jam. I was dancing all around. And its good for my ukulele soul.

 My new favorite cup. It has cherries and strawberries on it, and is way cutter in person.

I just love this! The fame has that ugly orange velvet, which is perfectly tacky. Its hanging up in my room already. (Post to come)