Monday, June 4, 2012

Wall Art

This is my bedroom. I live in the basement at my parents house. (cool kid right here) This is the wall right above my bed. It's my art wall and is coming along quite nicely. I wanted to go over all my pieces and where they came from.

1. This is an old paint by numbers I got from Deb at Amongst The Knick-knacks. Go look at her blog, she's pretty and the nicest lady ever.

2. I hand embroidered this hoop a few years ago. I need to start up again.

3. My brother and his girlfriend gave me this sewing cat. It's creepy and awesome.

4.  I got this print from a great Etsy shop called Skitter Cats. There are hundreds!

5. A paint by numbers I've painted myself when I was really little. I started it and then my dad finished it. I never finished anything when I was little. I love how sad the kitty is. And she looks like a baby Nala. Nala has a crabby face too.

6. I just bought this at Good Will. I dont know if I liked the painting or the frame more. I'll leave it up until I decide.

7. My adorable owl from The Nearsighted Owl.

8. This was also from Deb. Its yarn art, with a lovely texture.

9. This may be my most favorite, its a knitted swatch from Kim at Art Equals Happy. I got it for Christmas this year.

10. Finally, my brothers girlfriend, Erica got this for me. Everyone loves mushies.