Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dreaded Day

The seconded biggest holiday of any floral career is coming up. Valentines Day The thing is I absolutely love Valentines day. I love all the sappy stuff it represents. I love the flowers, candy, romance, going out to dinner, and getting surprises. I don't get to enjoy it because I'm working constantly. Imagine cutting the stems off  trillions of roses, and water and buckets and water and buckets. And stupid men that come in 2 minutes before its time for you to go home after a long week wanting you to put together a ginormous bouquet. Also, never being able to go out with your boyfriend on actual Valentines Day, because you are working. So sad. Now, before I get sick of roses and the other beautiful things about Valentines Day here are Roses Roses Roses!!





The other day my boyfriend  and I went to the store and decided we were kinda sad we couldn't send out valentines. So here are my valentines to you




And love



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pursey Poo

I love seeing the "whats in my purse" pictures so I had to join the club. This is the contents of my purse. I try to clean out my purse almost every day, I hate receptes and garbage in my purse. No need for that. I'll try to go in order from top to bottom.

1. My new sketch pad. I cant wait to go to a coffee shop and draw people.
2. Watercolor travel kit
3. HOT pink ipod
4. Hello Kitty hankerchifs. It says they are klenexs but they are much more rougher
5. My tiny teal(ish) umbrella. I never have to worry about rain
6. Change purse I got for Christmas from my Mister from Blick art store.
7. Wild Things by Dave Eggers,  pretty much the movie Where the Wild Things Are. Its really good. I'm just trying to finish it up.
8. My wallet
9. Pocket calender with a deer on it, and puffy bird sticker
10. Squishy brush
11. Sun glasses
12. Nivea chap stick. Its great!
13. Keys with kitty covers. Three for each of my kitties
14. Phone
15. Almost gone lotion. Because my boyfriend freaks when he has dry hands then uses water as lotion and it makes me disgusted
16. Super cool make-up bag from Avon's baby line Mark. Which I don't think they have anymore.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Things

There are four things that I'm unexplainabley drawn to. I can't control it. I love anything with Owls, Deers, Birds, and now Foxes.

I think the reason I love owls is that my mom had a few knickknacks of owls that I always loved as a child. A glass owl smaller that a fist, it was clear and inside its tummy you could see the owls eggs. I loved it. Another was this owl ring that has rubies for eyes. Since I was a trouble maker when I was a child I accidentally dropped the ring down the toilet. It was lost forever. And lastly, a foot tall owl wood statue. The wood was smoothed but layered, very hard to explain.


For a person who works in a floral shop this is AMAZING TO ME


With deers I can't even think of the start that may have begun my fascination. They are just beautiful, majestic, and so tender. I know my next tattoo with be inspired by a deer. I just need to find my muse.




Lastly foxies! They are just the cutest things in the face of the earth and I want one just like a puppy.

I had to finish with the cutest picture ever.
Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Since some of you may not know me I wanted to introduce my life. My kitties. I have three Nala, Simbah, and Mojito. They all have pretty awesome stories.

First of all Nala, she was my very first kitty in my life. My brother and his now ex-girlfriend went on a trip and a farm was offering free kitties. My father was always against getting kitties. He refers to Nala as "dumbass cat". My brother kinda just brought her back without telling my folks. So we kept her. She doesn't meow but does play fetch. Nala is fluffy and sassy but super sweet. I'm the only one who understands her. She is my princess.

My boyfriend and Nala. He looks like a redneck that just shot a bear. I love this picture

Now after me and my boyfriend were dating for about a year he fell in love with cats. So we went to PAWS (progressive animal welfare society) a place to save kitties and puppies. He got Simba. Get it? Nala and Simba. Not original but cute. Simba lives at my boyfriends house but he is pretty much mine too. His anniversary of one year with us is January 14. How exciting! Simba is super shy and doesn't like girls that much. But I still love him.

Finally is Mojito. Mostly Mo. He is more like my foster baby, but I'm pretty sure he's going to stay forever. My parents were away on vacation, I was at work, and a girl I knew from high school was there coincidentally. She asked if I wanted a cat. Like always I said yes. Later that night she brought him over. Mo has some issues and its been hard getting Nala to like him. Things are getting better and better. Ive had him for less than a year. He talks and talks and talks and causes trouble. But he is a sweetheart.

Those are my pretties. If you don't have a kitty I highly suggest you get one. Screw allergies. Take some medicine. They are amazing.

One more thing I'm so happy about. I already finished one of my 2010 Goals.

My blanket!

It looks perfect. If I didn't turn it into a blanket it just would have been a sheet. A sheet under a comforter that no one saw. Its beautiful :)

huggsies and kissies,

miss rebeccccca

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fresh Lemon

I'm starting new exciting things! Well at least I hope so. I don't usually buy into the "New Year" and resolutions, but I want to do the thing I want to do. So here goes it.

GOAL OF 2010
1. Make blanket out of cute birdcage fabric.

2. Be more inspired
3. Watch less T.V
4. Save money for my tattoo. *Equally Important* Make final decision on what tattoo I want.
5. Go to bed earlier
6. Eat more fruit
7. Make more things
8. Give more time to kitties Nala and Mo

9. Currently in progress
10Finsh books I start
The Following:

11. Work on my Personal Garden

I'm pretty sure that is all for now, hopefully this all works out.

Hugs and kisses,