Friday, June 8, 2012

Daily Creature Features

If you dont follow me on Instagram (ConsiderMyDear) or on facebook you havent seen any of my Daily Creature Features. And that's awesome! Every day for the month of June my boyfriend and I pull an animal name out of a jar and paint it. Many of my friends and art school chums are joining in. Its a lot of fun. Here are first 7.  I cant wait to show more.

 DAY One - Sea Horse

Day Two - Suffolk Sheep

Day Three- Robin

 Day Four - Fennec Fox

Day Five - Koala 

Day Six - Dragonfly

Day Seven - Dinosaur
(This one is the best quality because I actually scanned it.)


  1. These are so precious, especially the seahorse! They are such strange creatures!

  2. These are amazing. I love the fox!