Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tall Pines Vacation

I'm a bad blogger. If you didn't already see it on instagram or facebook I doubt anyone will look here. Is that a worse thing to say. I do hate posting things in a million different places. Should I continue blogging?

In the meantime, here are so of my favorite vacation photos. Like always, Mike and I went to our cottage in North Wisconsin. Its probably one of my most favorite places. The overwhelming sense of nature is just perfect. I wish I could live there all year long. Especially in the winter. That would be snow heaven. By the way, its way too hot in Chicago. I'm so sick of it. SO HOT

I might post more later.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily Creature Feature Part Three

This is the end of Junes Daily Creature Feature. I had so many people start and in the end it was pretty much just me finishing. I only went up until June 28th because I had no more room in my sketch book. I'm not disappointed, I'm thrilled. This was the first time I've ever in my 24 years of being an artist that i completed an entire sketch book. I'm so proud. I also couldn't think of any more animals I wanted to draw. I wanted ones that were colorful and not just brown.  Here are the last of them. I hope I do this again next year. Thanks for all the support.

Ps. Let me know what your favorite one is. Its always fun hear the different answers.  
Part ONE
Part TWO

Day Eighteen - Raccoon

Day Nineteen - Bison

Day Twenty - Owl

 Day Twenty One - Chameleon

Day Twenty Two - Rabbit

Day Twenty Three - Bluejay
 ( I also found out a blue jay isnt a blue bird)

 Day Twenty Four - Humming Bird

Day Twenty Five - Jellyfish

Day Twently Six - Puffin
(personal favorite)

Day Twenty Seven - Goldfish

Day Twenty Eight - Red Panda