Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Creature Features Part Two

This are my last couple of days of Daily Creature Feature. Its been hard to stay on top of it, but the more I do it the faster and better they are. I think it is obvious which ones I like the most. I'm more than halfway done and it feels great. I'd say ten people joined, and now its pretty much just me left. Even Mike dropped out.  I hope you enjoy!

(and scanning then make a big difference. no more phone photos)

Day Eight - Fawn

Day Nine - Frog

Day Ten - Caterpillar

Day Eleven - Flamingo 

Day Twelve - Skink

Day Thirteen - Skunk

Day Fourteen - Lionfish

Day Fifteen - Toucan 

Day Sixteen - Cardinal 

Day Seventeen - Magpie


  1. These are awesome!! I love them all! the flamingo's my favourite :)

  2. These are awesome, I love the cardinal!