Friday, July 26, 2013

My favorite mushroom in yellow

While on vacation I found my most favorite mushroom, the fly agaric. Also know as Amanita muscaria. I know its the standard favorite mushroom because of the iconic look. It was so exciting to see it in real life. Even though it wasn't red it was amazing. I cant wait to paint them! I think I came across four different ones.Whenever I look up mushrooms on the internet I always find people calling them shrooms, and that bugs me. Besides the fact that these are poisonous, I dont eat or smoke mushrooms. I actually think mushrooms are not very tasty. I just find them very beautiful. I hope you can find the beauty in them.

This little tiny guy! 

 Yeah, that tiny!

 They are a little similar to a painting I've done before, huh. :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tall Pines Vacation

Here are some pictures of my vacation with Mike and our friends Cloey and Sarah!  We had an amazing time. We went to our cottage in Crandon Wisconsin, as usual.






#failed  Consider My Dear

 Childish of course!


These are all of the fabulous pictures that Cloey took with her film camera. One word. SWOON