Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daily Creature Feature 2013

This years Daily Creature Feature is pretty much came and went. For the first time in two years I failed miserably. I got so busy with life, and mostly Mothers Day. That was an entire week I couldn't paint at all! It is a challenge and sometime you dont succeeded. Daily Creature Feature is normally done in June. That gives a month break after I get out of school. This year, starting it in May I only got a week break. Now I know for next year. Lots of people joined on Instagram. That was awesome. #dailycreaturefeature Here are the few I did, and I plan on doing two more. I was working on other paintings too. So lots of work being done. 


Grey Wolf

Tennessee Cave Salamander 

Western Spotted Skunk

Green Jay

White Tailed Jack Rabbit

 Star-nosed Mole

Rosy Maple Moth

  Iridescent Tortoise Beetle