Sunday, January 29, 2012

consider my deer project part 2

I told you ladies I wanted to work on a deer bust project here. I ended up getting a doe taxidermy form for Christmas from my amazing boyfriend. And she is finally coming along and I feel so proud!!  Its like I gave birth to half of a deer. I plan to completely finish her and make more. Dont work they wont be just white. I have so many great ideas. So if you are interested in buying one let me know.


Just a little exciting news. I took this picture last summer while at my families cottage in North Wisconsin.  Mike was feeling crabby so we decided to go for a drive. Aimless drives are the best because you discover new places and typically get lost. We did both. We drove and drove and drove and we came across this tiny old airport. To my surprise this awesome phone booth was STILL WORKING!!! 
Months later I find out the County up there is doing a photo contest for their little magazine. You post it on facebook then people "like it" and most likes get it. I think mine only had about four "likes" or so. Not a lot so I figured my photo was to "artsy" for them. But, just last week I got an email they they did pick my photo. I'M EXCITED! It really is a lovely photograph. I will definallyy show you guys when the magizine comes out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day in the life of an art student

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. It's a photo an hour meets day in the life of an art student. I'd guess my school days are exactly the same as you're average college student.

 7am I have breakfast with Nala

 8am Wait for the train.

9am Paying attention in Art History

11am  All the heads in sculpture.

 12pm My head in sculpture. Well, its not my head. The models head.

 2pm These are my watercolor paints.

3pm Taking a break from watercolor.

4pm Daily train ride home.

 5pm Pretty sky walking to my car.

 6pm Dinner time!

Then I passed out!

I hope to do more of these. Especially later on during the semester.  It was fun and I hope you enjoyed it.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sicky Poo

Oh yeah hey! I'm totally going to be a better blogger and you'll see me all the time. TWELVE DAYS LATER. Okay I got sick. Like really sick. The most sick I've been in my adult life. I'm still not even 100% better. Still havent gone to the doctor. Oh I forgot to mention Mike got sick too. We were both so freaking sick. We got it New Years Eve and I think each person had something else and we got all of it. All my life I've gotten the worst sore throats. I should have had my tonsils out 10 years ago. They are the worst. Anywho I am back!

oh shel siverstein

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cliché Much?

 First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! Hope it was safe and fun! Mike and I went to our best friend Bri and Mitch's house. It started out just the four of us then turned to to two families and us. Awkward but it was a blast! Lots of yummies too. Today we are doing nothing and its just as fun!

I hate being a cliche. Everyone knows that my blog has been lacking. I really am sad about it. I get all worked up that I dont have a thousand followers or any comments. WHO CARES. Well that's what I should tell myself. When I look at my blog I love it. It's my own little space. And all the things in it make me happy. So THERE!

I do get really busy with school and I am too exhausted to blog. The thing is, I want to blog more about school. I hope I can work on that.

I do have a few tiny personal resolutions but why bore everyone with them. It's always the same thing.

Love you all and you will see me around soon.

Miss Rebecca Anne