Thursday, June 30, 2011

All she wrote..

This is the end of the Daily Animal Doodle! I really loved doing it. Its just awesome that Andrea from Paper Sparrow started it. I hadn't drawn a lot since I was out of school. Since this had to do with animals I really enjoyed it. I'm kinda excited that I actually finished it. I pushed myself and really think I got a lot better. I gained a little confidence too. Now you guys dont have to see all these damn animals everyday. Honestly I do plan on keeping it up though. I want to do an owl series. If anyone is interested I will draw your pet. Just email me Considermydear(at)rocketmail(dot)com

 Day twenty-one

Day twenty-two

Day twenty-three

Day twenty-four

 Day twenty-five

Day twenty-six

Day twenty-seven

Day twenty-eight

Day twenty-nine

Day THIRTY!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogger Blanket Project

I'm so excited! June was my month of daily animal doodles. July and some of August will be my month(s) of the blogger blanket project. I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile now. Thanks to Courtney who set this up. There is only seven girls participating, but thats actually better. My boyfriend helped me pick out my colors and I love them. I've already finished my squares for my first partner. Here are my sneak peaks. I cant wait to see the first squares I get back.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Animal Doodles Part Three

 Day twelve

Day thirteen

Day fourteen

Day fifteen

 Day sixteen

Day seventeen

Day eighteen
this animal was a monkey. the fact that I'm scared of monkeys I opted out of it. I tried but I couldnt. I did draw a wolf so that makes up for it.

Day nineteen

Day twenty

Future Living Space

There are more attic updates to be said. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now. They finished the framing of the entire attic. HOORAY!  The insulation is up now all the drywall is done. HOORAY! Mikes uncle did all of that. Now its our hard part. PRIMING and PAINTING. We are going to prime on Tuesday and paint the ceiling on Wednesday. That has to dry for about a day. On Saturday and Sunday we will paint the enire room will be painted toasted wheat. Nothing crazy because its not our house. However the bathroom will be painted dandelion. I cant wait to paint the bathroom. I'm so excited.

 This is the bedroom area. It will be small and closed off. We will have a full size bed, which kinda sucks. That's okay.
 How cool are these windows! Cant wait to set cute things on it. Cute curtains too! The are to the right of the bedroom area.

 This is a little hall into the bedroom area. The wall on the left is the bathroom and it will be our gallery wall.

 Bathroom to the right and hallway to the left.

 Bathroom straight forward then linen closed to the right. The big doorway is the heater room/storage or something like that.

Living room area.

 Living room with lights on. The lighting looks like a space craft of something from Star Wars.

After we paint all that needs to be done is the floors. Also the stuff will be put in the bathroom like tile and fixtures. Then we have to paint it. Lastly we buy all the fun stuff and we are done!! Then MOVE and we are done! 

Ps. I need a better name for this area. It somewhat like our own apartment. I dont like calling it an attic. Mike called it a Carriage House via Fan Boys. I dont know. Any ideas...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Animal Doodles Part Two

Day five

Day six

Day seven

Day eight

Day nine

Day ten

Day eleven

 I want to thank everyone for all my comments on the previous post. In starting all of these animals I would become so obsessed. I feel like Ive found myself in drawing and painting them. I know that sounds strange. I'm kinda proud of myself. I'm also proud I've kept up with it 18 more days to go.  Thanks so much my loves!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Animal Doodles

I am currently participating in the Daily Animal Doodle on Paper Sparrow's blog. Its the entire month of June, every day you drawn a different animal. I love love love animals! I had to be a part of it. We all post our pictures on this flickr group. Its just for fun so if anyone still wants to join you can. I'm really enjoying that challenge of drawing animals I dont usually draw.


Not day three. My friend Deb asked me to draw a wolf for her son Wolfgang



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

antiquing day.

I had the day off so Mike and I grilled some lunch and then went to some antique shops. I like antiquing better than thrifting. Blame it on my parents. It was gorgeous today and not as hot as it has been. I do not enjoy the heat. I've had my eye on this broken neck deer since the last time I was there. She's just so sweet.

In the corner of store on the bottom of a shelf I spotted it. This adorable cookie jar is actually way bigger that this picture makes it look. I bet it could fit 6 packages of Oreos in it. I was going to pass on it cause I didnt bring that much money with me. Being the best boyfriend ever, Mike didnt want to pass it up either. I love the colors.

This is my joy!! Just last night I asked Mike to go on Amazon or Ebay to look for one of these. Of course he forgot. Then today we were just about wrapping it up and going to to home, I saw it. I was so stoked! How could I have almost over looked it. With limited cash on me I needed to have it. I asked the lady if she took credit cards and she told me today was the first day they did. Then, I was the first credit card purchase at the store. I was proud.