Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Favorite Brooch Post

This is my little brooch post, some old and some not so old. Almost a year ago I did a post on all the pretty vintage things I got from my grandma. Now I have my favorites of those, and some of my own. This is the box I keep them in. My bestie, Bri, bought it for my birthday. I still want to make wall hanging wall display for them. Anyway.....

1. My handsome circus lion. From Beacon Hill Antique Shop
2. This turtle was found in my with my grandmothers things.
3. I love this dog. He reminds me of Jock from Lady and the Tramp.
4. From Beacon Hill Antique Shop
5. Amazing that this cat is the mate of the dog from Volo.
6. Mike got me these gold kitties from Miss Honey Bee.
7. My grandmas, who has a brooch of a pelican?
8. This was my first antique brooch purchase.
9. This has the pretties color might be my favorite, also my grandmas.
10. My grandmas.
11. Another Lady and the Tramp brooch also from Volo
12. My wood deer from my first trip to Renegade Handmade

It was such a lovely day today. And these were my two behind the scenes helpers, Belle and Nala. Two Disney princesses. Nala really liked being on her leash today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...woodland adventures

Today was such an amazingly beautiful day. Warm with a nice breeze, the perfect weather. Mike and I went to Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center. Its just a free nature reserve with a few aminals and forest trails. I havent gone there since I was a wee one. It was kinda crazy to go back.

 this was a taxidermy owl

 This was a real owl, he was so cute. I have this app on my phone to play owl hoots and I played them and he responded. Its pretty amazing.  There was two owls outside too and they loved hearing the owl hoots too.

 So proud!  All the animals here are hurt and cant go back into the wild. Its a pretty nice place.

 The very handsome Michael.

 Walking on the trails I found a turtle crossing the path. I picked him up and brought him back to the pond.

The cutie silk worm. He was found just hanging from a tree. He was super fast!

Speaking of silk worms, I havent shown my caterpillar all colored in. When I have my arm down he just peeks out a little bit. It makes me happy

 Afterwards it was getting pretty hot. We when to get Tropical Sno. Mine is on the left and Mikes is on the right. SO YUMMY!

 Random Yellow Submarine

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Antique Shopping

On Friday Mike and I went to Volo Antique Mall, it was awesome! It was about an hour and a half trip North from us. A girl I know from school works there, so we thought we would take a visit. Just so you know how big this place is, its about 7 miles long. We went through the entire place. These are some of the pretties I saw.

 For some reason I really loved these cow salt and pepper shakers. It has to be the purple and green diamond eyes.

 Should have bought this bowl!

 This is my favorite Beatrix Potter story. Gah, looking at these pictures I should have bought all of this stuff. 

 Let me tell you, I could live in this cupboard! Whoever set this area up, knew what they were doing. To the right of this there was a yellow 1950s kitchen table. Why didn't I take a picture!!!!?

 I was a big Care Bears kid, but you dont see a lot of the Cousins. 
(thermos included!)

 What a silly ugly dog portrait! It it wasn't $40 and huge I would have gotten it.


So these are the things I picked up. I'm a big collector of broaches. I should share my collection soon.  I had to have the Siamese one. Hello Lady and the Tramp. Ba dum dum dum It's awesome, the yellow kitty one is a brother of a blue dog one I have. I love when those kinda things happen.  Finally, my big yellow velvet cat statute. I've never seen anything like it. It actually came as a pair, so I have two. Such a good day. Except the tragic on the way home. Well it was Chicago rush hour. Yuck.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm off to endure most likely 10 days of Mothers Day hell. I think I shall service.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Forest walk

Today me and Mike when on a little forest walk and it was scary and fun. We really went into the forest. My legs are scratched up to high hell. You cant wear beautiful vintage clothes doing what I did. We went down the train tracks, crosses the river (with no bridge), saw some shanty town in the middle of the forest, saw a deer, and a tire swing. I found a few lovely mushroom. There was so many butterflies it was pretty beautiful. The only thing that sucked is that it was about 90 degrees. Yesterday it was cold and today I wanted the air conditioner on. I do not enjoy the hot weather.  Tomorrow we are going antiquing and I'm very happy. HAPPY SUMMER


 This has to be my favorite photo

 Polyporus squamosus
( Dryad's saddle)

 Polyporus squamosus
( Dryad's saddle)
blurry deer