About Me

Hi my name is Rebeca and I live in small suburb outside Chicago. I am a over-emotional  perfectionist who is the biggest animal lover. I am the mama to three kitties Nala, Simba, and Mojito. I am dating the love of my life for over 6 years now. His name is Mike and we both just graduated American Academy of Art with a BFA in watercolor. I never would have thought I could meet someone who understands me as much as he does. He knows me way better than I know myself. I love crafts of all sorts, especially needle work and sewing.  I have a need to experiment with any craft I've never done before. I'm a lover of all things woodland and vintage. I collect chockies like deers, owls, kitties, and birds and elephants.. records .. postcards.. all pretty things! I can't go to pet shops because I want all of the animals to come home with me. I am sentential for all things old and delicate. I will be the first to stand up for someone who has been wronged.  I wish I could recreate and live in a world of my mother and grandmother. I would wear pearls, a dress, and red lipstick every day and men would always open doors for ladies. I am opened minded for the future, but I'm afraid of aliens. Especially E.T! I love adventure and want to live in as many places as I can, but I'm a creature of habit and fall in love with every place I am in.

I'm not the best writer ... but I have all the passion in the world to make up for it.
I hope you enjoy my world