Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...woodland adventures

Today was such an amazingly beautiful day. Warm with a nice breeze, the perfect weather. Mike and I went to Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center. Its just a free nature reserve with a few aminals and forest trails. I havent gone there since I was a wee one. It was kinda crazy to go back.

 this was a taxidermy owl

 This was a real owl, he was so cute. I have this app on my phone to play owl hoots and I played them and he responded. Its pretty amazing.  There was two owls outside too and they loved hearing the owl hoots too.

 So proud!  All the animals here are hurt and cant go back into the wild. Its a pretty nice place.

 The very handsome Michael.

 Walking on the trails I found a turtle crossing the path. I picked him up and brought him back to the pond.

The cutie silk worm. He was found just hanging from a tree. He was super fast!

Speaking of silk worms, I havent shown my caterpillar all colored in. When I have my arm down he just peeks out a little bit. It makes me happy

 Afterwards it was getting pretty hot. We when to get Tropical Sno. Mine is on the left and Mikes is on the right. SO YUMMY!

 Random Yellow Submarine

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