Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Favorite Brooch Post

This is my little brooch post, some old and some not so old. Almost a year ago I did a post on all the pretty vintage things I got from my grandma. Now I have my favorites of those, and some of my own. This is the box I keep them in. My bestie, Bri, bought it for my birthday. I still want to make wall hanging wall display for them. Anyway.....

1. My handsome circus lion. From Beacon Hill Antique Shop
2. This turtle was found in my with my grandmothers things.
3. I love this dog. He reminds me of Jock from Lady and the Tramp.
4. From Beacon Hill Antique Shop
5. Amazing that this cat is the mate of the dog from Volo.
6. Mike got me these gold kitties from Miss Honey Bee.
7. My grandmas, who has a brooch of a pelican?
8. This was my first antique brooch purchase.
9. This has the pretties color might be my favorite, also my grandmas.
10. My grandmas.
11. Another Lady and the Tramp brooch also from Volo
12. My wood deer from my first trip to Renegade Handmade

It was such a lovely day today. And these were my two behind the scenes helpers, Belle and Nala. Two Disney princesses. Nala really liked being on her leash today.


  1. Those brooches are all so gorgeous! What a lovely collection!

  2. I adore the wooden dear! So cute.

    And I really wish any of my three cats would go out on the leash, but they all hate it. The two I got as kittens I tried getting out when they were young, but nothing ever worked. They all remain big chickens(until we accidentally leave a window open for 5 minutes, and then I will find all three sitting on the ledge, heads peaking out)

    1. Normally my cats dont like it. But I was just not forcing her and then she was going all over the place. I think once she felt comfortable she was cool with it.