Sunday, May 6, 2012

Antique Shopping

On Friday Mike and I went to Volo Antique Mall, it was awesome! It was about an hour and a half trip North from us. A girl I know from school works there, so we thought we would take a visit. Just so you know how big this place is, its about 7 miles long. We went through the entire place. These are some of the pretties I saw.

 For some reason I really loved these cow salt and pepper shakers. It has to be the purple and green diamond eyes.

 Should have bought this bowl!

 This is my favorite Beatrix Potter story. Gah, looking at these pictures I should have bought all of this stuff. 

 Let me tell you, I could live in this cupboard! Whoever set this area up, knew what they were doing. To the right of this there was a yellow 1950s kitchen table. Why didn't I take a picture!!!!?

 I was a big Care Bears kid, but you dont see a lot of the Cousins. 
(thermos included!)

 What a silly ugly dog portrait! It it wasn't $40 and huge I would have gotten it.


So these are the things I picked up. I'm a big collector of broaches. I should share my collection soon.  I had to have the Siamese one. Hello Lady and the Tramp. Ba dum dum dum It's awesome, the yellow kitty one is a brother of a blue dog one I have. I love when those kinda things happen.  Finally, my big yellow velvet cat statute. I've never seen anything like it. It actually came as a pair, so I have two. Such a good day. Except the tragic on the way home. Well it was Chicago rush hour. Yuck.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm off to endure most likely 10 days of Mothers Day hell. I think I shall service.

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