Thursday, June 30, 2011

All she wrote..

This is the end of the Daily Animal Doodle! I really loved doing it. Its just awesome that Andrea from Paper Sparrow started it. I hadn't drawn a lot since I was out of school. Since this had to do with animals I really enjoyed it. I'm kinda excited that I actually finished it. I pushed myself and really think I got a lot better. I gained a little confidence too. Now you guys dont have to see all these damn animals everyday. Honestly I do plan on keeping it up though. I want to do an owl series. If anyone is interested I will draw your pet. Just email me Considermydear(at)rocketmail(dot)com

 Day twenty-one

Day twenty-two

Day twenty-three

Day twenty-four

 Day twenty-five

Day twenty-six

Day twenty-seven

Day twenty-eight

Day twenty-nine

Day THIRTY!!!!!!

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  1. Holy moly, I am blown away! You are amazingly talented!! Water color is so beautiful and I have always been horrible at it, ends up looking like mud LOL The owl is stunning, you have some serious skills!!