Friday, May 20, 2011

Attic Updates

Mike and my attic/house is still being worked on, and coming along nicely. I dont have any photos of the progress but I do have photos of the insulation that was the original insulation. Its pretty awesome. All of the insulation homes have now is usually fluffy yellow stuff in between brown paper garbage bags. ... that's what it looks like to me. I guess what they used in the 1930's was just plain old newspaper. Anything they had, which included postcards. I love looking through the paper. This particular section was just for ladies. Its had a two page spread that was all about older men marring younger ladies. There also was an article about men wearing hats. Before all of the drywall goes up in the attic I hope we can pull down as much of this old paper as possible. Its beautiful!


  1. what exciting treasure! you should keep it all :) x

  2. My dad once told me that when he was little, they used to put some stuff along with insulation on purpose (like photographs) for that one day when somebody might knock down the wall or whatever and they'd discover it. We actually still got an old picture that used to be hidden in there! And these are some great finds too!