Wednesday, June 1, 2011

antiquing day.

I had the day off so Mike and I grilled some lunch and then went to some antique shops. I like antiquing better than thrifting. Blame it on my parents. It was gorgeous today and not as hot as it has been. I do not enjoy the heat. I've had my eye on this broken neck deer since the last time I was there. She's just so sweet.

In the corner of store on the bottom of a shelf I spotted it. This adorable cookie jar is actually way bigger that this picture makes it look. I bet it could fit 6 packages of Oreos in it. I was going to pass on it cause I didnt bring that much money with me. Being the best boyfriend ever, Mike didnt want to pass it up either. I love the colors.

This is my joy!! Just last night I asked Mike to go on Amazon or Ebay to look for one of these. Of course he forgot. Then today we were just about wrapping it up and going to to home, I saw it. I was so stoked! How could I have almost over looked it. With limited cash on me I needed to have it. I asked the lady if she took credit cards and she told me today was the first day they did. Then, I was the first credit card purchase at the store. I was proud.


  1. That little deer is seriously so cute! Great finds!

  2. I love it all. What a great day for you! Love that globe lamp. SO awesome!