Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dreaded Day

The seconded biggest holiday of any floral career is coming up. Valentines Day The thing is I absolutely love Valentines day. I love all the sappy stuff it represents. I love the flowers, candy, romance, going out to dinner, and getting surprises. I don't get to enjoy it because I'm working constantly. Imagine cutting the stems off  trillions of roses, and water and buckets and water and buckets. And stupid men that come in 2 minutes before its time for you to go home after a long week wanting you to put together a ginormous bouquet. Also, never being able to go out with your boyfriend on actual Valentines Day, because you are working. So sad. Now, before I get sick of roses and the other beautiful things about Valentines Day here are Roses Roses Roses!!





The other day my boyfriend  and I went to the store and decided we were kinda sad we couldn't send out valentines. So here are my valentines to you




And love




  1. I love Valentine's Day too! How could you not? I hate when girls in particular get down about it because they're single or whatever. Maaaaaan, it's like don't be stupid. Just because you may not have a boyfriend to share it with doesn't mean you don't have people in your life that you love. I really love the potential of showing love in a real creative, sincere way. <33333333<3<3 Girl, this lifted me up!