Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Things

There are four things that I'm unexplainabley drawn to. I can't control it. I love anything with Owls, Deers, Birds, and now Foxes.

I think the reason I love owls is that my mom had a few knickknacks of owls that I always loved as a child. A glass owl smaller that a fist, it was clear and inside its tummy you could see the owls eggs. I loved it. Another was this owl ring that has rubies for eyes. Since I was a trouble maker when I was a child I accidentally dropped the ring down the toilet. It was lost forever. And lastly, a foot tall owl wood statue. The wood was smoothed but layered, very hard to explain.


For a person who works in a floral shop this is AMAZING TO ME


With deers I can't even think of the start that may have begun my fascination. They are just beautiful, majestic, and so tender. I know my next tattoo with be inspired by a deer. I just need to find my muse.




Lastly foxies! They are just the cutest things in the face of the earth and I want one just like a puppy.

I had to finish with the cutest picture ever.
Hugs and Kisses,

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  1. I'm obsessed with birds too, especially CHUBBY ones. Super cute.