Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Since some of you may not know me I wanted to introduce my life. My kitties. I have three Nala, Simbah, and Mojito. They all have pretty awesome stories.

First of all Nala, she was my very first kitty in my life. My brother and his now ex-girlfriend went on a trip and a farm was offering free kitties. My father was always against getting kitties. He refers to Nala as "dumbass cat". My brother kinda just brought her back without telling my folks. So we kept her. She doesn't meow but does play fetch. Nala is fluffy and sassy but super sweet. I'm the only one who understands her. She is my princess.

My boyfriend and Nala. He looks like a redneck that just shot a bear. I love this picture

Now after me and my boyfriend were dating for about a year he fell in love with cats. So we went to PAWS (progressive animal welfare society) a place to save kitties and puppies. He got Simba. Get it? Nala and Simba. Not original but cute. Simba lives at my boyfriends house but he is pretty much mine too. His anniversary of one year with us is January 14. How exciting! Simba is super shy and doesn't like girls that much. But I still love him.

Finally is Mojito. Mostly Mo. He is more like my foster baby, but I'm pretty sure he's going to stay forever. My parents were away on vacation, I was at work, and a girl I knew from high school was there coincidentally. She asked if I wanted a cat. Like always I said yes. Later that night she brought him over. Mo has some issues and its been hard getting Nala to like him. Things are getting better and better. Ive had him for less than a year. He talks and talks and talks and causes trouble. But he is a sweetheart.

Those are my pretties. If you don't have a kitty I highly suggest you get one. Screw allergies. Take some medicine. They are amazing.

One more thing I'm so happy about. I already finished one of my 2010 Goals.

My blanket!

It looks perfect. If I didn't turn it into a blanket it just would have been a sheet. A sheet under a comforter that no one saw. Its beautiful :)

huggsies and kissies,

miss rebeccccca

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  1. Awww! It looks like you love your kitties as much as I love mine! Here are my darlings, Miss Monk & Mr. Mao. And I agree, if you don't have a kitty, you should get one. Kitties are the best thing EVER.

    Thanks for following my blog, btw. I'm definitely following you back. :)