Monday, June 22, 2015

Art a la Carte Art Show

Well, I guess the last time I blogged was about 9 months ago. I havent really had much to say. Either way its nice to keep this blog around because its like of like a journal of sorts. I've had it since 2010. Yikes
Since my last blog I quit my grocery store floral job and have been working as an art instructor ever since. It was slow at first, but it has really picked up. Now I'm working at Art a la Carte full time managing and being an instructor. At the beginning of June the studio had its 2nd annual art show.

The art show was partially for charity supporting multiply sibling foster children. They build homes in basically a subdivision, so entire families can be fostered together. Even if they aren't in the same house, they could be next door to their siblings. I think we raised about $400 for them. Here was my set up filled with all my paintings and artwork. I got to have an art show with two of my greatest friends Bri and April. April is the best coworker I have ever had and she made me the wood burn of Lizard Queen Lisa. I wish there was a bigger demand of pin-up art in the suburbs of Chicago. Oh well, I'll still do what I do. It was a great night and a great memory.



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