Thursday, January 16, 2014

Portfolio Update

I just want to share some of the work I've been working on for all of last semester. I am currently working on what will be my concentration for my final portfolio for my BFA degree. These are three portraits of my maternal grandmother, myself, and my paternal grandmother. All three of  these were from black and white photographs, using watercolor I then painted them in color. I like the way they turned out and I am excited to continue my final portfolio. It is also time for me to start writing my artist statement, so it is good for me to verbalize all the information I have stuck in my head.

Her are the close-up details of all three paintings. I do work pretty small, 8x10, so I try to put a lot of detail in my paintings.


  1. Would you perhaps post the original photos? I'd love to see the contrast of photo to painting. These are beautiful! You should be super proud of yourself :)

  2. You're really talented, I always love seeing your work. Best of luck with your artist statement! :) xx