Friday, July 26, 2013

My favorite mushroom in yellow

While on vacation I found my most favorite mushroom, the fly agaric. Also know as Amanita muscaria. I know its the standard favorite mushroom because of the iconic look. It was so exciting to see it in real life. Even though it wasn't red it was amazing. I cant wait to paint them! I think I came across four different ones.Whenever I look up mushrooms on the internet I always find people calling them shrooms, and that bugs me. Besides the fact that these are poisonous, I dont eat or smoke mushrooms. I actually think mushrooms are not very tasty. I just find them very beautiful. I hope you can find the beauty in them.

This little tiny guy! 

 Yeah, that tiny!

 They are a little similar to a painting I've done before, huh. :)

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