Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Bizzaro

This is Bizzaro. She is a stray cat that comes to the window and upsets my kitties. She is super friendly.

We call her Bizzaro because she looks very similar to Nala.  Bizzaro Nala. Just like Bizzaro Superman. Get it?
 This is Nala

 Bizzaro has been coming around for years. At night I would see her and I would think it was Nala and I would freak out that Nala got out. Nala is a strickly indoor cat, but she does like going on field trips outside.

Bizzaro likes to make funny faces and loves cat nip.

Bye Bizzaro, We hope you stop by soon!



  1. Oh myy gosh I love that cat! So fluffy!

  2. Awww good for you, spoiling poor kitty :) x

  3. hahaha all covered in catnip in the last one.

    1. Oh, I know! She just loved it to bits. I bought really strong catnip at the pet store a while back. My kitties just gobble it up.