Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watercolor Update

Theses are some of my paintings from Christmas time till now. Some are school projects and some are just my own.  The picture quality is all from my iphone, so they are better in person. Enjoy!

 A present for my best friend because she loves red winged black birds. Well, so do I. She even has a tattoo of a bird like this.

 Sam of Honest to Blog took the saddest photograph of a dead bird and I fell in sad-love. The birdie was so cute I had to paint it. I wish I could bring him back to life and keep him as a pet.

My first watercolor painting in my second semester of watercolor. 


 My Laocoon, a project for art history. Take out the awful snakes and I'm happy.

 This painting looks much better in person. I love the marbles!

I just finished this painting Saturday. Its not usually my style but I love colors I put into it. The mouse is just so cute.


  1. i have never been that big of water color fan until i started seeing your work...its so so pretty!

  2. These are all watercolor!? Amazing! I could never do anything with that much control with watercolors in art school. I love them; especially that second painting. Lovely

  3. I would seriously buy the mouse one from you, I adore it so much. I hate that you're getting so good because I'm so jealous, but I also love you for it.