Sunday, January 29, 2012


Just a little exciting news. I took this picture last summer while at my families cottage in North Wisconsin.  Mike was feeling crabby so we decided to go for a drive. Aimless drives are the best because you discover new places and typically get lost. We did both. We drove and drove and drove and we came across this tiny old airport. To my surprise this awesome phone booth was STILL WORKING!!! 
Months later I find out the County up there is doing a photo contest for their little magazine. You post it on facebook then people "like it" and most likes get it. I think mine only had about four "likes" or so. Not a lot so I figured my photo was to "artsy" for them. But, just last week I got an email they they did pick my photo. I'M EXCITED! It really is a lovely photograph. I will definallyy show you guys when the magizine comes out.