Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cliché Much?

 First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! Hope it was safe and fun! Mike and I went to our best friend Bri and Mitch's house. It started out just the four of us then turned to to two families and us. Awkward but it was a blast! Lots of yummies too. Today we are doing nothing and its just as fun!

I hate being a cliche. Everyone knows that my blog has been lacking. I really am sad about it. I get all worked up that I dont have a thousand followers or any comments. WHO CARES. Well that's what I should tell myself. When I look at my blog I love it. It's my own little space. And all the things in it make me happy. So THERE!

I do get really busy with school and I am too exhausted to blog. The thing is, I want to blog more about school. I hope I can work on that.

I do have a few tiny personal resolutions but why bore everyone with them. It's always the same thing.

Love you all and you will see me around soon.

Miss Rebecca Anne


  1. Happy New Year to you!!! THanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for sticking aroun through my hiatus!! <3

  2. Happy New Year! Don't worry so much about feeling pressured to blog, it's exhausting trying to keep up with it all the time! x

  3. Ok, so you don't have 1000, but now you have 137 and that's rad! Your blog is a treat!
    Toni aka penr0se on IG