Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everything is Awful

no.. not really.

Okay okay! Tv off, ipod on, and no excuses! According to my big brother my blog has been lacking. "You haven't posted since September 11!" Thanks Skot I know. I'm trying. I'm busy. School. I work. Okay Becki you can shut up now. (yep that was in third person) Just so everyone knows, my oldest brother is the one who said he would proof read my blog. He's very smart. I'm not very smart. I dont like to proof read. I'm sure everyone who reads this knows that already. You ladies get the jist.

Now that everything is back to normal I would like to say I will try to start blogging regularly. Although I have never been regular. I was going to make this a double blog but now I would like you to actually read what I have to say for one. Honesly, I'm more of a picture girl. I dont always read what other bloggers have to say. I'm sure some of you are like that too.

With that, here is a song I would like everyone to here. My boyfriend is very good at finding band that we both end up loving. Try to ignore the video. I'm not really a fan but this band is pretty awesome!
Becki Boo!

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  1. i like it when you're inspired. and
    its' spelled gist. sorry