Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hair There

I have been growing out my hair for about a year. I always had beach blonde hair but it was such a hassle to keep it up. I was just about to start school and I know I was going to be very busy. Too busy to keep up with bleach. I dyed it brown, or at least closest to my natural color.  Mostly I wanted it to get healthy.

Screw that! It was boring and just not me!!! My best friend is the only one who does my hair. Only because I am poor. I am in love with my new hair. Bleach and Red. I just wanted something new. With my brown hair I mostly just straightened it and thats it. The humid weather never kept it straight for more than a hour. I hate that. Lets go the complete opposite. I bought a set of foam rollers for $10.  I havent used rollers since I was a little girl. Normally my hair doesnt hold a curl for crap. Not from a curling iron anyway. Every night I take a shower, set my hair with rollers, wrap it in a handkerchief, and go to bed. Thats literally all I do. I wake up, take them out, play with my hair for a bit, and I'm done. No product and no hairspray. My curls last all day! I think I will stay with this for awhile.

Rebecca Flowers


  1. Adorable! I love how easy that is! I just dyed my hair red and blonde...great minds think alike (^_^)

  2. you look stunning. I like you´re hair.

  3. OMG your hair is beautiful!! I've never used curlers before but now I think I want to! I just dyed all my hair back to black, it was black and red for a long time but the red was a real bastard to keep up with. I may need to get some curlers, you look amazing with those curls!!