Monday, August 22, 2011

Favorite photos

These are some of my favorite photos from vacation. I know it was about a month ago now but life has been busy. Or I've been lazy.

My boyfriend and I were driving around just to blow off some steam and we came across a tiny airport. I never knew there was one in the area. We found this WORKING telephone booth. I LOVE IT. Its so classic. I went in there and was shocked to find out it had a dial tone. It did offer gay sex on the inside but that okay.

 I love the zoo so much. I love all animals and this bunny.

I think I need to own a deer. It just makes sense. HOW THE HELL DID THIS DEER LET ME TAKE ALL THESE PHOTOS WITH HIM? I'm so glad he did.


This rollie pollie kitty live across from Mikes new house. He/she was so sweet.

Laying in the sun.

 I think the ugliest birds always have the prettiest feathers.

My most favorite graffiti ever!

My grandmas vintage pink umbrella.



I love wishing lanterns. They make me HAPPY

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