Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bunnies are just the cutest

Just tell me bunnies arent the cutest!  Then I will kill you! I've always wanted one. When Mike and I get our own apartment I think we have to get one. It would have to be those ones giant bunnies. Bigger than our cats! I hope they get along. Do any of you guys have a bunny and kitty that get along?


  1. LOL! Tiny Danza is very honored! I don't have cats but I know some people in the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society who have cats, dogs and rabbits. I'm getting a puppy someday and I think you can train them to coexist peacefully with rabbits. You'll have to get a separate litter pan for the bunny to use because they don't like to share litter pans. The MCRS website might have more info on this.

  2. ps
    Tiny Danza has the embroidery on the door to her room.

  3. Aww, these pictures are far too cute! I used to have cats and rabbits when I was a kid but they never really bothered with each other. Although that's probably because the rabbits were outdoor bunnies and were mostly kept in a hutch. I'm sure they could be trained to get along though.