Saturday, December 25, 2010

The amazing things in my grandmas house

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 
Today I went to my grand ma mas for Christmas Eve like I do every year. I got some sweet presents but that is not what this is about.. My grandma has an amazing collection of ceramic statues that she has made over the years. I swear she has made hundreds. On Thanksgiving she told me that she didnt like her statues to look natural. Whats so special about a brown cat? She decided to go with pink instead. She is a rebel. I love that. I took pictures of my favorites and the ones and you will be jealous that I will get them some day. Not all of these she made but most of them. Now my head hurts and I must finish painting my moms present. I'll show the finished painting soon. 
Goodnight my loves,



creeped out?

I want these lovely deers soo much.

 a little dusty but awesome

this isnt the cat I was referring to.. 


  1. Yes I'm jealous, she has an adorable collection :3

  2. wow!
    I LOVE the collection!
    What an amazing grandma!!!!

  3. your grandma has a dream house!

    you need to steal me that red cardinal kthnx

    :) x

  4. Though these ceramic statues are quite common in our grandparents' houses, I can say your grandma has good taste with her collection. I find those deers very nice. I also like your grandma's choice of wallpaper, by the way.