Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Day 13 — A fictional book
I wouldn't exactly call this a fictional book. But its not non-fiction. More like a coffee table book. ;) "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" is a book of images of Amanda Palmer dead and a few short stories written by Neil Gaiman. It's one of my favorite art books. If you don't know Amanda Palmer is a killer musician. She used to be in a band called Dresden Dolls, but now is doing solo work. There are a lot more cooler images that these, but this was all I could find.I love the morbid images.

rebecca anne


  1. It's known that I am totally gay for Amanda.
    I have her WKAP image 11x14 by my piano along with the Whitfield paintings that were in the piano companion (the second one from Yes, Virginia and No, Virginia.) of Amanda and Brian.
    I think that my favorite WKAP photograph is her in the shopping cart in the warehouse or where the 'new Amanda' has killed the 'old Amanda'
    Am I correct in assuming that you like Evelyn Evelyn too? I can't stop listening to it (though WKAP is still my fav.)
    ok- that's enough weirdness from me...

  2. I do love Evelyn Evelyn. I was waiting for my LP to come it the mail but I found out it was on back order. So I bought it from somewhere else. I cant wait to get it. My favorite photos are most of the naked ones, defiantly the cover, and the tea one.

  3. Dude, this book looks rad. I am a little black/white on the Dresden Dolls but this looks awesome. Also, Neil Gaiman?! I so have a boner for him.

  4. Neil Gaiman is the best.
    i checked my email finally! so pumped about the bunny!

  5. I nominated you as a beautiful blogger!! Check out my blog for details <3