Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm an artist, I think

These are some of my works of art. They art mostly from my tattoo portfolio, when I was trying to be a tattoo artist. I still would love to be one. *sigh* That's why we all have dreams.
What's yours?






hooray art!


  1. Awesome work!! I think you could definitely still get into tattoo design :)

  2. Hey... I love your blog background! And your tattoo work is great... reminds me of Tara McPherson x

  3. you are AMAZING!!!!!! i really like the red bird!!ive wanted a red bird chest piece for awhile so that one really stood out!! you would be a GREAT tattoo artist i think!! hmmm i have too many dreams to type here ,but i think being a make up artist would be divine :)

  4. you would be an amazing tattoo artist!!! i'm so glad you followed my blog so i could stumble upon yours!!! anywhoo...i <3 the blog! i can't wait to see more!!! do you have a twitter...that button thing doesnt work... my twitter is if you do happen to have one! much love! (& i read your profile...amanda palmer rocks...saw her in august 2008!)

  5. you are pretty great, I wanted to be a tattoo artist too haha but I never even tried...please post more stuff or even school projects :) I really enjoy your style !!

    happy new year!!! *hugs*