Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love Swaps!

 Hooray! I felt like I was waiting forever to get swap package from Leigh-Ann's Swap. My partner was Amy, we like a lot of the same things and I think she is the bees knees!

The story goes I went to work and was hoping by the time I got home Amy's package would be there. By the time I got home my mom had already brought in the mail and it wasn't there. I went into my room and my boyfriend was in my bed cause he stayed over. He asked me if I was looking for anything, and pulled a package from under the cover. (Yes that sounds gross) It was a real package :)

This is what I got from Amy:
One adorable pin cushion with cupcake and wood grain fabric.
Three sweet button magnets
A bunch of cute pins!



(my boyfriends artsy photo)

This is what I sent Amy for the pin cushion swap.
A cute little mushroom.
I made it while watching Zombieland!


I cant wait for the next one.  These girls really don't know how much it makes my day. Also, sorry for have such a awful camera, and being a terrible writer. I just get so excited and thing too fast for some to understand.


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  1. awww...I like your post and pictures! I'm so glad you like your pincushion. I adore mine! I put it on my desk so I will look at it often!