Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cottage Dream Home

My boyfriend and I have been dating almost two years. We have talked about getting married and have kids, but not for awhile. We can't move into a place together because we are poor and both going to school in the fall. We were talking about what we would want in a house. Every time I drive to work there are three or four cute little square house that I love. I bet they have two bedrooms, tiny connected kitchen and living room, and hopefully a basement. We don't need a lot in a house. I want a overgrown lovely garden for flowers and to plant veggies. Maybe a cute little shed I can convert into my craft/art room. We don't live in London or Ireland so I doubt I'll get exactly what I want. But hey, we could always move.





(This is from the movie The Holiday, I absolutely loved that house)

 (I wish we could have widows with no screens, or doors always open to let in a breeze. Unfortunately, we have three indoor kitties.)

These last ones will lead from my back porch threw the garden into my craft house. It makes me want to squeal with excitement, and the hopes of having your life like the dream you've always wanted.





  1. Trying not to have house envy and all, because I rent a REALLY sweet house, but DANG. Looooove all of those. Swoon!

  2. Ah, these houses make me sick! In a "im really jealous" way. My bf and I live together but we rent a room in a house of friends. Would you and your boyfriend be able to do that??

    -Justine <3
    (I just stumbled upon your blog (super cute!)

  3. Thanks darlin'! I don't know if we could ever find a house like those. But, if we love sometime we try our hardest to get it. Ps. Three kitties HOORAY!

  4. the fourth one looks like a dream home to me! so cute!! ♥