Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art Update

It is pretty amazing how  much art I have been producing lately. A lot of it is commissions and some are trades. I'm really trying to work hard on my rainbow pallet. I dont know what else to call it. I have a hard time using it in fur or hair, but it works well in skin and fabric.

The First painting is a commission of a kitty named Sammy. The poor girl passed away about two months ago.  She just looked like a sweetie pie!  I love the way the fabric turned out. I think this was a perfect combination of rainbows and fur.  The customer was very emotional when I gave it to her. I felt so bad for making her cry, but I know she loved it.

This is a painting of the beautiful Anna. She has a fabulous tumblr that you should check out. I wanted to keep up my portrait abilities, so I painted her for fun. It doesn't hurt that I have a major crush. I had difficulties at first, because I was working in crappy light. NOTE TO SELF: always have good light. It came around. Once again, I need to and a mix of more colors in the hair.

This was something I've never done before; paint on drift wood. I had to figure out a few kinks. I had to put down a clear gesso over the entire surface. Painting on wood is nothing like painting on paper. The water color acted more like acrylic. I had to get used to that. I love the way the fade of water turned out. I want to work on other piece like this in the future.

This is the handsome Wallace! Alice at her blog Niceties commissioned me for it. She is an amazing artist so I was shocked that she wanted a painting from me. I paintinted the entire thing and thought I was finished. Then I noticed it looked like my cat, Nala, not hers. I had to change the entire color. Needless to say I fixed it, and it doesn't look like my cat anymore.  Now it is shipped off to New Zealand, the furtherst ever one of my paintings have gone.  *eep*  That is exciting!

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