Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Watercolor Process

 This was a ten day painting for my final watercolor project in junior year. First of all, junior year? How did that happen? My class was only about painting people so there was no place for animals. How sad. I just went with what interests me. All three girls I know from instagram, but not in real life. I think it's easier to paint strangers. Julia, bottom girl, has a blog called V is for Victory Rolls. She is stunning and we have plans to hang out for the first time this summer. Kate is on the right and just a cutie. She's my Baby Spice of the group. Well in my head she is. Margot is on the left and is a bombshell. I think all three girls compliment each other well. Here is frame by frame of my painting process. 

If anyone is interested, I am out of school and taking commissions for paintings. Just e-mail me and I would love to talk! Considermydear(at)rocketmail(dot)com


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