Friday, January 11, 2013

Ode to...

My grandfather just pasted away a week ago and I wanted to share some of the photos Ive come across since his passing. My grandma found of photo album of all of his personal photos and it is absolutely stunning. My grandpa was a hunk,  in every photo there is a different girl. Wonder where those ladies are now.. Then there are some photos from when he went off to the war.  I love everything from the 1940s, so I almost have no words for how much I love these photos. My grandpas step-sister gave my family a big box of photos we've have never seen. I cant wait to go through them and share some more.

I just want to say I appreciate all the condolences, but I really dont want any on this post. Just want to share the beauty of the photos.




  1. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. It's nice to share old memories with your family... and your right, he was a hunk!

  2. Ok I hope this isn't inappropriate but your grandfather is EXTREMELY good looking!

    And stylish too!


    1. Not inappropriate Madiee, I'd agree he was pretty darn handsome.