Thursday, April 26, 2012

...sigh of relief

So school is over and I am beyond ecstatic. It involved a lot of swears of happiness. Don't get me wrong, I love my school and creating art all day. I was working so hard. It was honestly just my two academic classes that were stressing me out. Arts history and an English class. I would go to school Monday through Thursday and then work Friday through Sunday. I had no time for me. No time for anything. Today was my first day off in forever and I'm just catching up on all the things I want to do. I have so many blog ideas, I wish I could do them all in one day. I want to visit all the people I've been missing. Well, I'll get into my summer list of plans soon enough. Oh, and I cant wait to play my uke.

Well Mike and I got home from school yesterday, we went out to dinner, went to Ross real quick, came home, and immediately went to sleep. I can say with all confidence I got 16 hours of sleep last night. It was amazing. And I still woke up at 10am today. I didn't feel like I lost a day at all. The previous day I did an all-nighter with 45 minutes of napping. I AM REFRESHED! I feel like I'm on speed.

Now I want to show my pretty pretty purse I got yesterday. And a few other pictures. I got this at Ross for like $40 bucks its kinda ugly and reminds me of my grandma. She was big in to ugly and nautical things. Its a Steve Madden purse. I dont know if that a good or bad thing. Its my new spring/summer bag.


This is where I shot my purse. How pretty is this barn/shed/whatever? (that's what my dad calls ours, a "barn/shed/whatever") I just want to live in it. I walked around this person home. They probably thought I was a pervert. Haha good, I dont care.

Then I cam across this well in there back yard... huh? It she a goddess or something.  I dont get it. She reminds me of Meteora from The Christmas Toy. You get a gold star if you know what I'm talking about.

Okay I'm done, and so glad to be back.

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