Sunday, October 30, 2011

all hallows eve

This is my dad! Hes adorable. Every year my brothers and I would take photos with our pumpkins. We would put them on the table just like this and then set our head on the table too. It was like our heads were the pumpkins also. Ah memories. I know I could go searching for the pictures from every year. Maybe next year.

 My pumpkin idea was from the cartoon The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile. It was a Raggedy Ann and Andy movie, watch the movie if you have 20 minutes tomorrow. Its so cute and just 80's classic. (Actually made in '79. I remember watching it every year as a kid.

 The second Halloween movie I wish everyone knew about is The Worst Witch. I would say J.K Rowling stole Harry Potter from this movie. For real. Its a school of witches and all the witching that goes on with that. Its so cute. A baby Fairuza Bulk is the main character.. also Tim Curry is the Great Grand Wizard! He's suppose to be the dreamboat. 

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