Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update Smupdate

A week from yesterday I had some work done on my sleeve. An I'm so in love. Its just outline but everyone love a tattoo preview. Right now its just about done flaking and is so very itchy. I added a (not so) little squirrel, caterpillar, and spider web. I wish I took a picture of my amazing artist Jen Trok while she was tattooing me. She oddly reminds me of Miss Zooey Deschanel. In opposite land. Anyways, I cant wait for color!

Then the next day we had Mikes fathers wedding. It was a very small simple wedding but I was doing the flowers. That made me VERY nervous. I'd say they turned out pretty well. I bought the "broach" at the antique shop with my cute little poodle. The owner said its actually a broach that is sewn on to a fur coat. I must go back to show her photos. Shes a hoot.

 Silly photos from the reception.

Finally, I started school on Tuesday. The summer was great but I was excited to get back to drawing every day. I'm scared about a few classes but excited about some others. I'm taking Life Drawing, Math (yuck), a kind of Speech class, and WATERCOLOR. I'm so happy about watercolor. This is the first step of my major. And every little thing that I learn is so exciting for me. Of course I will post any project I do.


  1. caterpillar tattoo! how cute! :)

  2. You look so pretty! Such cute reception photos! Your tattoo looks pretty beautiful...loving it...can't wait to see the finished product!