Monday, August 8, 2011

Lost and Found

Early this afternoon Michael and I were walking to my car to go to the post office. Then I saw the cutest little puppy wandering around across the street. No mama. No Papa. No nobody. I followed her and she walked right to me. She didnt have a collar or dog tags. I picked her up and  brought her into my backyard. She was so freaking sweet. I gave her some water and called the non emergency number. The dispatcher said she would have someone over in about a half an hour. I decided to name her Frenchy. She seemed to respond to it. We played with her and ran around the backyard. She played with our dog Belle. She watch Simba curiously through the window. She loved Mike and kept on following him. When the police man came to get her I was scared to let her go. I was worried her owner wouldn't claim her. I gave the police man my number so we could claim her if no one did. LUCKY, an hour later the cop called me back and said Frenchy's mom came to pick her up. HAPPY ENDING!


 This is the paw print she left on my thigh while she was sitting on my lap. Tattoo anyone? Just kidding...maybe..


  1. Love the pup's smile in the last pic! hahaha! Shame, luckily there are people like you out there who helps lost animals. I'm the same, to the frustration of my family.

    I once saved a stray cat, which jumped up our chimney. I had to pry the cat out of there and ended up with some serious scratches. Hahah

  2. Haha the last pic is cute and hilarious!

  3. Such a cute puppy! I love when dogs smile.

  4. awww what a cute pup! that would make such a cute tattoo x

  5. that story gave me warm fuzzes!