Sunday, August 28, 2011

Loft Sneak Peaks

We finally moved it! After um.... 4 months of Mike living at my house. We made a big trip to Ikea and bought a bed, dresser, night stand, and a little side table. We also made a medium trip to Target and bought a bunch of things. These are some pictures of us trying to put everything in its place. You all know what I like, deers, owls, and kitties. Mike loves Star Wars, The Simpsons, wrestling, toys, and kitties. NOW MIX! It makes a funny modge podge of decor. Its funny, I am really good at building all the furniture. While I did that Mike did all the decorating. We have our rolls. :)

Our Queen size bed. I still am afraid we will break it.

Sadly we had to move Simba away from his brother and sister. It was sad but he is adjusting nicely. Give it a few years and they will all be together again.

 My table side lamp from Target. I love that green.

 This is the key to my new wardrobe. 

 The best chair in the world!

 Does it break your heart?

I love the view of this house. Its in Chicago but I thought it looked just like the Willy Wonka factory in the background. My mom said it looked like the roof tops of London too. I guess it will have to do now.

 Lots of boy toys.



  1. Ooooh! That chair is magnificent...and the kitty pillow is so darn cute! Where is that from? Poor little Simba : ( He looks so sad...I'm sure he'll adjust though. I have a bed similar to the one you have with the wooden slats and all that...I was worried it would fall apart too but as of right hasn't! The loft looks really good!