Sunday, July 24, 2011

Space Loft Wish List

Our space loft is just about finished! Why is it called  a space loft? Because the lighting makes it look like you're on an space craft. DUH! Also the first time I saw it mostly done it was all white.Now that its almost done its time to think about decorating. Now if I had an infinite wallet all the things on this list I would own. Sadly, I'm broke as a joke. I can still dream and wish....

This just reminds me of my grandma so much. I love him

I need this blanket! I want this blanket! I cant afford $200 for this blanket. This is number one on my top "to buy" list!

Our bathroom is going to be yellow ochre and teal. This would look perfect.

My favorite color!

I wouldnt want to ruin our new walls. This wallpaper is too cute! Color it any cute way!

I cant say no to an owl!

Love this little terrarium. I have peppermint that would look so cute in it.

I've wanted this little owl for awhile now.

Mushroom pillow. Need I say more?

 I need some bookends and these will be for my future standard poodle.


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  1. Ohmygosh, that snail ornament is beyond adorable! That little owl toothbrush holder is lovely too, it's got such a sweet expression. And I've just gotta say, a space loft sounds pretty darn awesome. I hope you get it decorated how you want eventually.