Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday monday happy days

Today my Biff, Erica Daze, and I went antiquing. It was so much fun. These kind of days just make me happy. It been very hot in Illinois lately. Oh boy! I wish I had my own home and a better job to fill my house with all these pretty things. *sigh* Soon.  Here are some of my photos of the day.

This puppy is my favorite part about going to the where I go to. He is the house puppy and his name is Lukie. He's a standard poodle and is really sweet and quiet. Lukie is only 5 years old but acts like a really old dog. He is so big too. I want one so bad! He is my little love bug. AHHH I just cant get over how cute he is.

Stuff I scored today

 lady and the tramp....? <3

Erica gave me this little mushroom plaque. It will go in my future merry mushroom kitchen. *hint hint*