Friday, February 18, 2011

Circus Fish

I am currently reading Water For Elephants, thanks to Cal from Boardwalk to Eden suggestions. AND I LOVE IT! Its about a man who finds himself working on the circus in the 1930's as a veterinarian. It's going to become a movie soon also. I am so obsessed with the circus right now.  Its all I can think about. I wish I could just take one day off of everything and finish the book. I also really want to watch Dumbo now. The fact that is around the 30's  just gives it that creepy feel that I love. If you are looking for a new book.... READ it! But I warn you that Im not even half way finished and there is some sad bits. I can only assume it will get worse.

This is a great circus song by Vermillion Lies!

Me at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry


  1. what awesome old pictures! ok, the poor little animals, and eek - the clowns, but i still love the pictures! :)

  2. That book is fantastic, hey? I really enjoyed it.

  3. Gorgeous! I love all things vintage circus. It reminds me of that show Carnivale (which is just soooo pretty to watch!)