Sunday, February 27, 2011

All my owls....

...well not ALL of them. That would be exhausting.

 My beautiful Sophie by Mrs. Skunkboy

Pewter owl statue not sure where I got it.
 I love the little white owl. He's so tiny and sweet. The glass owl was my moms, I always thought it was an owl with eggs in her tummy. It's kinda weird.
 Glass owl my best friends mom gave me. It's kind broken. 

I have three owl banks. How does that happen?

Left to right
My brother gave me this lamp. Not very bright but the cutest
Yellow hoot bank from my secret santa.
My favoritest mug EVER!
Another Skunkboy original, Amelia
(please excuse the dirty painted table top)

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  1. <3 lovely collections. I have the same glass owl, a penfriend sent it to me :)