Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello my pretties, this is a water color painting I painted for my mom for Christmas. She went to Ireland in the fall so I painted the landscape from one of her photos. I have a strong love for watercolor! At my school I have one year to declare my major. I have a little under one semester to decide if I want my major to be watercolor or illustration. It can easily change the fate of my entire life. What to do... *sigh* Well, I still have time to figure it out. This is the process I went through to create this landscape. I know the quality is bad, but these were taken from my phone.  My mom loved it and I'm pretty happy with it also.
miss flowers

This is the abstract watercolor I made for my biff Erica, for her 23rd birthday.  I love it and this it looks just like her... if she was an abstract watercolor :)


  1. both of them are great!!!
    i adore watercolor splotches like in the abstract one..there is something magical about them.

  2. Those are both so pretty! I absolutely loooove watercolor too ^^